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Sailing Navlight Alert; Honda Genset Recall

The U.S. Coast Guard has determined that many navigation lights being used on sailboats do not meet the basic requirements for these lights, making them less visible to nearby ships....

Assessing the Anchor Kellet

One of all-chain rode’s most popular features among cruising sailors has little to do with anchoring—and everything to do with stowing. With a well-designed bow roller, windlass, hawse hole, and chain locker, your rode and anchor will deploy and stow belowdecks faster and with far less effort than nylon rode requires. But for a smaller boat without a windlass or deep chain locker, an all-chain rode is often impractical. Even cruising sailors who are perfectly equipped for all-chain anchoring oft...

Selecting the Right Anchor Size

Over the years Practical Sailor has conducted dozens of anchor tests, and like many publications, we’ve repeated the common guidance that cruising sailors should buy an anchor that is at least one size larger than what the maker recommends for your size vessel....

Fixing Laminate Sails Part II

If this were a follow-up article on polyester sail repair, we would have waited two years at least. We’d have added a few stitches during our annual inspection, but major sewn repairs in sound cloth are expected to last for years. Our test boat is sailed frequently, vigorously, and with a lot of tacking, but we’re not crossing oceans. Polyester would have held up....

Stowing Bicycles on Boats

One of the blessings of a multihull is its wide expanse of deck space that opens up possibilities that you might not consider on a monohull—like a bike rack. No, you don’t want to cross the Atlantic with a ye ol’ Raleigh strapped to the pulpit, but for bay cruising, a rack will work—especially on a multihull....

Ditch Kit for Small Sailboats

When we had a larger boat and made offshore hops, conventional ditch bag thinking made sense. But when I downsized to a 24-foot trimaran, it dawned on me that with just a little adjustment, my day bag could ably serve my near-shore sailing needs. (See “What to Pack in a Ditch Kit,” PS May 2014, “Abandon Ship Bags: Don’t Leave the Boat Without Them,” PS March 2001, and “Bags Fit for Sea Life,” PS December 2012, and “The Get Home Toolkit,” October 2018.)...