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Marking Lines for Safe Sailing

Boats sail better when rode, docklines, running rigging, and sail control lines are properly adjusted, and many lines are easier to adjust if common positions are marked....

Spring Inspection Checklist for Boats

Spring is here. Time to step back, put on your inspector hat, and approach the boat as an independent hired inspector would....

Rescue Safety Lights & Strobes II

A personal rescue strobe is a small signaling light intended to be attached to a PFD so if a boat crew member goes overboard, their position will be visible to those left on board. Since we last looked at personal rescue strobes there’s been some new developments in the intensity of the light that can be generated from a small handheld strobe (see PS February 2016). Strobes can be manual or automatic (water activated) and…...

How To Connect Small Wires

The popularity of micro-electronics and LEDs has greatly increased the number of small wires on board, and whether the added eyestrain is a fair trade-off for a lighter, more energy efficient boat depends upon your perspective. Fortunately, some welcome accessories are relieving the headaches associated with joining two wires of tiny diameters—at times as small as button thread....

Wireless Boat Monitoring

Most of us spend a great deal of time away from our boat. Whether she’s on the hard, moored in our home harbor or anchored in a foreign port, we want to know what’s going on with critical systems. Is my vessel where it should be Has someone disconnected a power source or tried to gain access Is the bilge pump cycling more frequently Is the house bank okay Is the freezer holding its set-point If your boat was struck by another vessel, wouldn’t it be helpful to have photos...

Boat Gas Detectors and False Alarms

Gas detectors are not magic gadgets, quantifying specific chemicals and then alarming when they reach a precise level. Because of the simplicity of the detection algorithm, sensors are subject to interferences from other gases, some harmless and some that are themselves a problem....